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IMPACT Bermuda is the annual experience that allows participants to realize and launch a positive trajectory towards their future. The conference is designed to pull out every sensual, emotional, and habitual activity that prevents positive movement toward a desired goal. We will unleash strategies, techniques, and prescribe new and focused routines that promote a shift in one’s mindset towards each desired goal.

Be committed to you! Then grab your family, friends, and colleagues and get ready for Impact Bermuda 2020! More information coming soon!


What Is Your Impact?

We keep throwing this word around called “impact.” Do you know what your impact is and how would you define, discover, understand or leverage it? It’s like describing a calorie, we are unable to touch it, but our body knows when it has touched us! I can assure you,...

Overcoming Self Doubt

Most of us know the story of doubting Thomas and we can relate to Thomas because we all experience doubt. We doubt the weather forecast. We doubt our impact on the lives of others. We doubt most of our decisions. At times we even doubt our faith. The POWER of doubt is...

What Holds Us Back?

The question seems intricate and deep; however, the answer is pretty simple. The only thing that holds us back from our potential, from achieving our goals, hopes and dreams, is Self. There are several ways we self-sabotage our own momentum and here are a few to...


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