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Life is raw.  You believe that hurt can’t hurt anymore!  Your relationships have soured as all you have received is empty promises.  “How can I go on?” you ask yourself.  You cannot wait for the day to end, your heart hurts so bad.  No one hears you, everyone says that
Success is a strange and misleading word.  In the hands of a scientist, success is finding an answer to that scientific problem, success is raising your school grade from that ever-stalking D+ to a B-!  Success is absolute.  Through the lens of an individual who always says “yes” and finds
Why don’t I feel successful?  What do I need to do to be successful?  Can I attain success? These are just a few questions that have plagued me most of my life. Plagued may seem a bit strong, but for half my lifetime, I was tormented by those questions until
There’s a familiar biblical account in the Book of Exodus that provides the reader and follower of Christendom of what happens when one does not learn life lessons.  This particular account heightens after the Israelites were set free from their bondage in Egypt. By way of the Lord’s instruction, Moses


Making impactful decisions begins with the aptitude and attitude of igniting the leader within. I remember being told as a youngster, ‘you are a tremendous leader,’ but somehow when I looked behind me, I never saw anyone there.  There have been many discussions, philosophical theories, and theorems that will tell